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Debt Collection

The benefit of partnering with Compare Debt Collection UK Ltd is clear. It allows your company to focus on those customers that are the most valuable to your business, allowing you to use your time effectively and provide the greatest opportunity to enhance the performance of your business. 80% of debts are recovered successfully without the need for any further action.

Debt Collection immediate action

We understand that a great deal of cases are urgent and need immediate attention. That is why we offer our Fast Track Debt Collection service. This service means we will contact your debtor within 24 hours of us receiving your debtors details. Take action NOW, have you had a number of broken promises and want to follow up with your threat of action TODAY, contact us now, we can help you.


Using the latest software, we can usually trace your absconded debtor anywhere in the UK within minutes. Millions of pounds are written off each year because debtors have relocated or absconded. Call us to discuss your case on a No Find No Fee basis.

Credit Checking

PREVENTION is cheaper than the cure. In today’s challenging economic climate businesses will struggle to meet their credit commitments. This could even include people or businesses you have been dealing with for years. We search a number of databases and external credit reference agencies to check the status of companies you are dealing with. We can check the company you are dealing with is solvent, provide latest credit scores and information and provide appropriate advice to you.

Court Action

Litigation may be considered to be the final step in the debt Collection process, but it is also a very effective tool that can be activated at any stage of the recovery process. Many people put this off due to the perception of the high fees which may be involved. At Compare Debt Collection UK Ltd We look after and monitor your case throughout the whole process and our panel of Solicitors are on hand to advise on any matters which may be defended. To accompany this service we have a team of highly trained High Court Enforcement officers. We cover the whole UK ensuring no matter where your debtor goes we will do everything to get the result you want and ultimately seize goods under warrant in order to satisfy the debt.

Face to Face Debt Collection (Home Visits)

We often find the results of visiting someone at their home or work, when there has been no response to other methods, a successful conclusion. A number of our clients use this on a regular basis, confrontation normally gets the matter resolved. Call us today and let us help collect monies owed. Read more...


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