Credit Control

  • We tell you when your customers are having difficulties before they stop paying you.
  • Trading conditions are tough – Let us get tough on your behalf.
  • We tell you and show you how to get paid on time.
  • Have your own Credit Control Department without the cost of employing people.
  • No more excuses – Get paid TODAY and keep trading with those clients.
  • We ensure your company and reputation stays intact – this is how we keep ours!


CashFlow Services is a virtual Credit Control department offered by Compare Debt Collection UK Ltd to assist you in ensuring that your invoices are paid promptly. It is used by a number of companies from small independent Sole Traders to larger Multi Nationals. You may not have the budget for your own Credit Control department or you may not want the hassle and expense of employing your own team.

CashFlow Services takes all of this hassle away from you and allows you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business and winning new business. The unique benefit of CashFlow Services is that you have the ability to track all of your clients' credit worthiness - these could be people or businesses you have dealt with for a number of years. In today’s difficult trading conditions, if they are not paid, they will not pay you.

We will advise you by email of any change in their circumstances or credit rating. This covers over 20 different areas and can be as in depth as you want it to be. All this is offered at extremely reasonable rates. It gives you the peace of mind of highlighting early warning signs of potential problems and allows you to ‘mind’ your Cash Flow.

Would you like;

  • Your own dedicated Credit Control Department who will collect your invoices on time and in your company name?
  • To be advised of a change in the credit status of your clients and be ahead of the game?
  • Credit Checking on your new clients?
  • Advice on your Terms and Conditions?
  • Help with Debt Recovery and collecting overdue invoices swiftly and efficiently?
  • Help with Commercial Finance?
  • Help with Bookkeeping, Payroll and VAT?


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“I have used CashFlow Services and found it to be of great use and has saved me thousands. I had someone I had been dealing with for 12 years, CashFlow Services notified me of a change in their credit status. I amended their Terms and Conditions and declined a large order they were looking to place on credit terms .After panicking for weeks and regretting my decision, they have recently gone into Administration. Ultimately I would not have been paid. A big thank you CashFlow Services”

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